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Improbable Fiction

by Alan Ayckbourn

February 3-6, 2016

Six aspiring authors meet on a winter's evening to discuss their work. Among them are writers of historical romances and children's literature who are finding it difficult to start writing, and a crime writer who can't stop. The creator of extremely complicated science-fiction, a librettist without a musical partner and Writers Circle chairman, who produces instruction booklets, make up the rest of the team. The chairman, Arnold, attempts to get the rest of the group out of a rut by suggesting that they collaborate on a piece of writing, an idea that is received without enthusiasm. However, as Arnold is clearing up after the meeting there is a clap of thunder, a black out, and then the story that would have resulted from the collaboration takes place before his very eyes. Sharp comedy and affectionate satire characterize this is zany, imaginative play (Samuel French).

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