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Wherever We May Be and Refugees 1948

October 19-22, 2023

As part of its 50th Anniversary Playwriting Competition, Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre presents MennoFest 2.0 – an evening of two award-winning one-act plays and featuring guest Manitoba choirs at each performance.

Wherever You May Be, written by Monica Reis, recalls the 1920s Mennonite relocation to Canada from Ukraine. An elderly woman in a personal care home uses wit, sarcasm, and the love of her children to cope with the effects of her life-changing childhood journey. Witty and warm, it celebrates love, family, faith, and acceptance.

Refugees 1948, written by Sarah Ens and Waldemar Ens, deals with the traumatic events of forced exile and relocation of Mennonites during and after WWII. A widow and her two daughters must use their wits and wisdom to escape the clutches of the Soviet Union and come to Canada.

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