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The Characters

We have roles for 7 men and 7 women, ages 15 and up:


Ruby Birtle – a young housekeeper, brash and talkative

Gerald Forbes – a smartly-dressed young man, the new organist at the local church

Mrs Northrop – an aggressive but humorous working woman of about 50

Nancy Holmes – a girl in her early 20s

Fred Dyson – a cheerful, rather cheeky reporter

Henry Ormonroyd – a middle-aged man with an air of beery dignity

Alderman Joseph Helliwell – a middle-aged man, rather pompous and pleased with himself

Maria Helliwell – a middle-aged woman, the same

Councillor Albert Parker – a middle-aged conceited, sententious man

Herbert Soppitt – a middle-aged man, kind and quiet, a bit brow-beaten in his marriage

Clara Soppitt – a middle-aged woman, rather tough and opinionated

Annie Parker – a middle-aged woman, more gentle and forgiving

Lottie Grady – a middle-aged woman, a local gentleman’s escort

Rev. Clement Mercer – a grave clergyman

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