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When We Are Married Crew


Co-Producer (Catherine Enns)

Catherine is a veteran of WMT dating back almost 50 years. She took part in her first production – acting in a one act play she cannot remember the name of – in 1974 and has been involved in many different roles ever since. WMT has enriched her life in ways she cannot even express and is hoping for another 50 years of theatre as the younger generation takes over. Enjoy the show, and Long Live the Arts!

Co-Producer/Costumes (Judy Danchura)

Judy loves clothes and theatre. WMT allows her to pursue her passions. She thanks her friends and family for their continued support, congratulates the cast and crew for all their hard work and applauds WMT on its 50th anniversary.


Co-Director (Luis Reis)

 Luis is a retired principal and college instructor. As a long-time member of WMT, he has directed many plays including “An Enemy of the People” (Ibsen), “And Then There Were None” (Christie) and “Tempest Tost” (Davies). He thanks his co-director Jeff and his wife Monica for their collaboration and support.

Co-Director (Jeff Madden)

Jeff Madden, last seen on stage as Batista in “The Taming of the Shrew” and before that as Wargrave in “And Then There Were None”, has since been directing radio productions such as “The Murder of Mrs. Brooks”, “Death Calls at Dinner”, and “The Trial”. He’s really glad to be back. 


Stage Manager (Laura Enns)

Laura is excited to be back in the booth for WMT after a long sabbatical. When not calling cues, she is a film payroll accountant. Love to Kevin and Charlie.

Asst Stage Manager/Stand in Actor (Cindy Madden)

A massage therapist by trade, Cindy loves to be involved with community theatre and has assisted backstage in productions such as “Ghosts” and “Improbable Fiction”. She also volunteers in many other capacities for every show and serves as a WMT Board member.


Set Designer (Monica Reis)

Monica Reis has been a member of WMT for 34 years. A WMT board member, she is a retired high school English and drama teacher and has enjoyed wearing many hats for WMT: acting, directing, designing sets, creating props, and assisting backstage. Most recently she can add playwright to her repertoire. She’d like to thank WMT for all the opportunities she has been given over the years, and most importantly, Luis, Rebecca, and Emily, for being her greatest supporters. 

Properties (Karren Janzen)

A retired sales clerk, Karren first came to WMT for a small part on stage. Now as part of the board she has found hunting down props for performances and taking photos at rehearsals etc. both fun and challenging. It is always interesting to be part of the process.


Asst Costumer (Flora Wiebe)

Flora is very flattered to get a crew bio. She helped Judy with costumes, by sewing some of the Edwardian fashion you see on stage. This is her fifth show helping with WMT, but the first helping with costumes.

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