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Kevin Birkholz

Mr. De Pinna

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As an alumnus of BS Comedy Players, Kevin has been active in the Winnipeg theatre community since 2004, and has appeared in such Fringe productions as “The Birdcage,” “The Bald Soprano,” and “Not Medea.”


Bernard Boland

Martin Vanderhof

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Delighted to be back for his fifth outing with WMT, playing with old and new friends. After his last appearance as a pompous twit in "Tempest Tost", it is a pleasure to play a (relatively) normal grandfather. He is most grateful to his wife Joan for her help and patience as he prepared for his role. 


Charlotte Carvajal


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Charlotte Carvajal is 19 years old and from Colombia She has been passionate about the performing arts since she was young. She studied theatre for 6 months in Colombia in 2020. To pursue her studies and goals, she moved to Canada in January of this year. She will be attending the U of M as a theatre major. “You Can’t Take It With You” is her debut in theatre and her first work as an actor. She also likes acting for film, playing the piano, dancing, and everything related to art. 

Natalie Fitkowsky_edited.jpg

Natalie Fitkowsky


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Born and raised in Winnipeg, currently teaches English to high school students. After a long hiatus, Natalie is thrilled to return to the stage to perform for a live audience. In addition to teaching and acting, she is a singer with the O. Koshetz Ukrainian Choir. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her artistic endeavours. This is her first production with Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre.


Dan Gilmour

Mr. Kolenkhov

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Part time Actor, full time child minder, exceptionally gifted napper. Dan is on an epic search for Life's Meaning. And more coffee. Last seen as Grumio in The Taming of the Shrew.

John Hayward

Mr. Kirby

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This is John’s first show with WMT. John started his acting career about 10 years ago with Faith Players at Faith Lutheran Church. His favourite roles have been John the Baptist and a lawyer for Jesus. In both cases he played a grumpy old man similar to Mr. Kirby in “You Can’t Take it with You”. But don’t let that fool you, John is a big softy in his favourite role as grandpa to his grandson Luco. 

The biggest production John has been involved with was “Mulligan’s Island”, that debuted at the Wpg Fringe Festival.


Carley Hungerford

Donald             Props, Set Painter

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Carley has been in a handful of WMT productions, most recently “The Taming of the Shrew”. She is happy to be back on stage tofurther pursue her acting!


Alison Kolisnyk  

Mrs. Kirby/Olga Katrina

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Has been performing in the Winnipeg community theatre scene for over a decade with various theatre companies.  This is Alison’s all-time favorite play and she is over the moon to finally be able to perform in it alongside this talented cast and crew.   Life is an adventure, sleep when you’re dead and You Can’t Take It With You has always been her motto for life!


Hayden Maines

Tony Kirby 

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After an unintended two-year hiatus, Hayden is excited to return to the Winnipeg acting scene. While he enjoys both film and stage, working on any part of a production, be it onstage or offstage, gives Hayden a thrill. His most recent roles include Petruchio in WMT's "The Taming of the Shrew" (2020), Joe Crowell Jr. In The Shoestring Player's "Our Town" (2018), and Danny in Dark Horse Theatre's upcoming production "The Social" in November (2022).  


Erna Peters

Penelope Sycamore

Read Erna's biography

Happy to be back pretending to be someone she is not! Teacher by day, she appreciates the play practices and fellow actors that help her laugh and keep her sane. She joined WMT for a role in the RADIO PLAY in 2018, TEMPEST TOSSED in 2019. She participated with the recording of POLLYANNA in 2021. She would love to thank her family for their loyal support of her acting endeavors.

Dan Piche_edited.jpg

Dan Piche

Henderson/The Man

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After acting and improvising in his younger days, Dan launched himself back into performance in 2014. Since then, he has forayed into stand-up and sketch-comedy, voice-over, radio plays, improv, theatre, and on-camera work. Dan has been a regular performer at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and a long-time frequent Fringer (his record is seeing 91 shows in one year), exposing himself to various forms of Fringe theatre styles.

Corey Quintaine_edited.jpg

Corey Quintaine


Read Corey's biography

A mall Marketing Manager by day, this is Corey's first appearance with WMT. You may remember him from such Fringe productions as "Cabaret," "The Birdcage," "The Bald Soprano," "The Profession" or "Motherhood Out Loud". He was also an actor, director and executive member with The BS Comedy Players political satire group for almost 20 years. He was also in many high school and university productions in the 1990s... Which is weird because he doesn't feel that old.


Rick Scherger

Paul Sycamore

Read Rick's biography

Caught the acting bug after the role of Roscoe Forrester in WMT's "Tempest Tost." This will be his fourth performance with the WMT. Looking forward to his first Fringe Festival foray this summer when he tackles the role of John in Shoestring Players "Ferris Wheel"

Jennifer L_edited.jpg

Jennifer L. Schulz

Gay Wellington

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Jennifer Schulz is a law professor at the University of Manitoba and a mediator. This is her first appearance in a play and she is very grateful to her family and friends for supporting her by coming to see it. (You know who you are and you are invited over for drinks and limericks any time).


Ken Stone


Read Ken's biography

Ken’s most recent play was the musical “Hello Dolly” where he was Rudolf Reisenweber and the Judge.   Ken is thrilled to be working with WMT, thank you for coming and enjoy the show!


Amelia Warkentin

Alice Sycamore

Read Amelia's biography

Amelia fell in love with performing back when she was so shy she communicated with only hugs and smiles. Since then Amelia has participated in numerous theatre productions, the highlight being touring Northern Manitoba and performing at the Human Rights Museum with Sarasvati Productions’ Cabaret of Monologues. Amelia has taken theatre courses at the U of M and graduated with her B. Ed last year. This is Amelia’s first show with WMT and she thanks her friends, family and coworkers for their endless support and encouragement. You’re all wonderful! 

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