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Death Calls at Dinner (for 2024)Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre
00:00 / 05:26
The Murder of Mrs Brooks for Website (for 2024)Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre
00:00 / 05:19
The TrialWinnipeg Mennonite Theatre
00:00 / 38:29
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Estranged siblings meet for a journey on the occasion of their father's death. Three years ago, at Christmas, his children stopped speaking to one another when he reacted violently to the youngest child coming out. On his passing, the siblings learned his will stipulates they may receive their inheritance if they first embark on a fishing trip together. The play shares a story about the search for infinite love amongst finite relationships and explores the possibility of a tender and vulnerable theological imperative to dissolve boundaries like the gender binary.

Writer Lukas Thiessen
Dress Rehearsal

2022 Playwriting Competition


First Place - Monica Reis – Wherever You May Be

Second Place – Lukas Thiessen – Our Father

Third Place – Waldemar Ens and Sarah Ens - Refugees 1948

WMT received a number of amazing submissions for it’s 50th Anniversary Playwriting Competition. The winners, as shown above, will be performed either in July 2023 in conjunction with the Russlaender 100th Anniversary Celebration this year or later in the year.

50th Anniversary Gala

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